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Had a look at getting a spoke key, thought it would be a simple purchase, but it seems there are two different sizes, UK & Europe and Japanese, what one should I get, my bike is a Spesh Allez with Jalco wheels

Any help would be greatly appreciated

cheers in advance


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    Actually, there are 4 sizes that I'm aware of. Park Tools sizes are black 3.22mm, green 3.3mm, red 3.55mm, & blue 3.96mm. There are some multi-sized spoke tools that fit several sizes. I used to sometimes get away with using a s.wrench one size too big but you run the risk of eventually rounding the flats (espsecially with alumin. nipples.)

    To get the proper size: 1) ride past a LBS and they will make sure you buy the right one. 2) If you know anyone with a dial micrometer, have them measure across the flats. . . .Or of course someone will probably be along that has those same wheels!
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