chain sets 22.32.44 or 26.36.48

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iam going to replace my chain sets i have currently go 22.32.44 but have seen 26.36.48.
can any one give me advice on these.and will it change my ratios a great deal.
all help appreciated


  • nicklouse
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    the 48 one in more for touring and hybrid bikes.

    you can use it but you will need a longer chain and you will need to move your front mech and re set it.

    For an MTB a 44 set is what most people have.
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  • Cabo
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    Im running a 22, 32, 48 combo. I had to home brew a front mech to cope with the 22 - 48 range. Standard chain works ok but if you select big-big rings then it tops the rear derailleut right out and I wouldnt like to hit and fully compress the rear shock in that gear. Then again, when do you ever run that gear anyway?

    I wouldnt want to give up the 22t granny ring tbh, 26t is nearly 20% higher gearing and you would feel that on steep climbs. The benefits of 48t are dubious and the amount of hassle I had modding a new front mech means I would recommend sticking with 22-32-44 if I was you! Hope this helps :)