£600 Budget

Ze Frenchman
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My company are taking part in the Cycle 2 Work scheme through Halfords. After much deliberation I decided on a Giant SCR 2, however on contacting Halfords they are unable to provide this bike but offered me the Giant SCR 1.5 albeit for it's RRP of £650. After trawling through the forums, it doesn't sound as though the SCR 1.5 is as highly thought of as the SCR 2 and I'd also have to buy pedals of some sort for the SCR 1.5. I've had a look at the Bianchi C2C Via Nirone which I really like the look of. Does anyone have any thoughts on this bike compared to the SCR 1.5?

Apologies for the long-winded post. This be my first road bike and I want to make sure I get the right bike!


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    You'll never get the right bike. If you did there would be no excuse to buy another. :wink: