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Went out on my new road bike for the 2nd time.It's been 20 years since a have been on a road bike.i use a heavy mountain bike.I can't seem to get use to the clipless pedals fell off and hurt my knee.Should i keep trying or should a put flat pedals on.


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    Keep trying to fall off? NO, keep trying to get used to clipless pedals, YES. Getting used to clipless pedals has been covered in other topics before. Keep with them and you'll stop falling off.
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  • I tried out my first ever pair of clipless pedals today too. I have the exact reverse problem though - clipping in. The pedal naturally flips over so I have to kick it the right way up before I can clip in.

    Huge improvement on flat pedals with toe straps though. It's just so much more efficient and responsive.

    Keep at it I say (and start with low tension in the pedal so you can unclip quickly and easily).

  • Well done! You have had your initiation with clipless pedals, we have all done it - some of us at a busy road junction...
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    Don't worry everyone will fall of using clipless at some point - Use them for a couple of trips and you'll not even have to think about them (bit like driving a car, you don't have to think about the clutch, you just do it)

    At least you're on the road - my first experience was off road and I went straight over the handlebars still clipped in. My mates had to dig me out of the bush still attached to the bike.
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    Make sure they're turned down to the lowest possible setting while you get used to them.
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    I also had my first ride on my bike with clipless SPD pedals on saturday (having just bought some Specialized shoes from my LBS, who were very helpful and even knocked off 16% to match a price I'd seen on the internet!). I thought it was brilliant, especially being able to pull up on the pedals on climbs. Small hills now seem easier than they did without the SPDs.

    Being very aware of the pedals I didn't have any "moments" (I unclipped my left foot just before any junction just in case), and I was also set up at the lowest setting as Juliet just said.

    I did practise the clipping/unclipping motion in my garden before going out, which helped to get me in the mindset of twisting my foot to unclip. Maybe that would help you Brian? But from my brief experience I'd say stick with it - I'm off to buy some more pedals for my MTB now!
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