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just a quik one guys. Is it better to have a larger frame with a "lower" seat, or a smaller frame with "high" seat post position? Or is it just a case of what feels more comfortable for each rider?


  • bryan71
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    Being new to road biking.I went to a well known bike shop in my town.He tried to sell me a incorrect bike for my size.He said simple way round a small frame was to raise the seat.
    So i walked out of the shop money tight in hand.And got measured a Paul Hewitts.
    I would say to any one who wants to spend there well earned cash on a bike.Should get measured.Because you are going to be covering many many miles on it.
  • John.T
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    Top tube length is much more important than seat tube. You can adjust for leg length by a large amount but you can only adjust reach by about 50mm without having a silly stem which will affect how the bike feels. You should only move the saddle back or forward to get it in the right position relative to the BB.