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Gore Merida Sportive Selkirk

BillR1BillR1 Posts: 271
Does anyone have any details on this sportive taking place on the 2nd August over 50 and 100 miles?
Is it going ahead and does anyone know the 100 mile route?



  • elliebellieb Posts: 436
    I've entered, but I haven't heard anything yet. I know it is their first year but I think they will have to be a bit more switched on. I don't think they put out much in the way of detail about the routes for any of the sportives so far.
  • SparkyPSparkyP Posts: 259
    Hi Bill

    Is this what you are looking for??

    I have seen the route somewhere,but cant find it at the moment.....

    Are you and Stevie going to enter?????

  • BillR1BillR1 Posts: 271
    Thanks Mark yes we are up for it. How about joining us?

    Are you out tomorrow?

  • SparkyPSparkyP Posts: 259
    I have not done much road cycling in the past 10 days so unsure whether i have a 100 in me :?
    I am out tomorrow and i shall see you at 8.00.

  • grantusgrantus Posts: 690
    I was going to ask who's doing this.

    I haven't done a full sportive before so I am going to ease myself in gently and will enter the 40-50 miler and do the 25 or 50km mtb ride on the Sunday.

    I did the 100km three years ago and the 50km two years ago and can say the mtb course is absolutely amazing.

    Am I right in thinking the responses to this thread are from the West Lothian bunch?
  • BillR1BillR1 Posts: 271
    Yes Grantus thats us mate. I think we will do the long one if we can still get an entry.

    Where are you based?

    Rgds, Bill
  • grantusgrantus Posts: 690
    Hi Bill,

    I'm in Condorrat in North Lanarkshire.

    I didn't think this one would be heavily subscribed to as the only place i've seen it advertised is in the e-mail bulletins that get sent out for the mtb event.

    I think I'll wait until the Thursday or Friday prior to see what the weather is likely to be doing as I don't fancy it if it's going to be really cold and wet.

    P.S. are you the same Bill who is organising the hill climb in the Autumn?


  • BillR1BillR1 Posts: 271

    Thanks for the info.

    Yes I am that person.

    Rgds, Bill

    Have you been out with our group?
  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    I was going to do this one until I saw that it was on my girls birthday and I was away in wales during my boys birthday so thats that.

    To find out more about Sportives I use this Forum
    Brian B.
  • grantusgrantus Posts: 690
    Yes, I've been out once way back at the end of May.

    Other committments and holidays have prevented me getting back out on the Saturday morning however I intend to come along to the social evening next week and hand over my club form and subs to Matt then.

    It was I who e-mailed you last week to offer assistance with the hill climb - seeing as I've only been out the once it seems only fair to let others do the racing this time!

    Any ideas of the course yet?


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