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Being rather new to all this road bike malarky and coming from a recreational mountain biking background I would normally just put a few tools, tubes etc in a small backpack with hydration system. However, now that I am trying to keep weight down for some longer rides the question sprung to mind...

What tools, equipment, drink and food supplies etc do you take with you on rides and where do you keep them?

Also if you were taking part in a sportif what sort of things do you need to carry for the 'just in case' scenario?

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  • guv001
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    I carry 2 x CO2 canisters 2 x tubes 1 x set of tyre levers and a mobile phone. Dependant on the distance I might carry 1 or 2 bottles and a couople of gels.
  • Bronzie
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    - pump (long type that fits on the frame)

    Saddle stuffer containing:
    - 2 x tubes
    - tyre levers
    - multi-tool
    - chain tool
    - 2 x long zip ties

    Jersey pockets contain:
    - mobile + cash/coins
    - house keys
    - food (how much depends on how far I'm riding)

    Bottles (2 x bottle cages on the bike) - again quantity to suit distance
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    Hi there,

    First post on this forum too!

    The amount of stuff I take with me depends on how long (and how wet!) the ride is going to be - I will always take my mini-pump, tyre levers, one tube, two bottles, multi-tool, mobile phone and keys and perhaps a bit of cash (just in case!). If it's likely to rain, I'll also take a rainproof jacket (folded into one of the jersey pockets).

    I always take food with me - again, if it's a 1.30 - 2 hour ride, I'll take an energy bar and/or a banana, I'll take a lot more for longer/sportive rides. For my longest trip (170 miles), I also took two gels, another tube, two bananas, three bars and two waffles (yes, it did feel a bit heavy at the beginning!)
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    I did 33 miles last night. Took a drink and a phone.

    However I was no further than 10miles from home with an understanding wife (just in case).

    Min I would say is enough to fix a puncture, drink and multitool.
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    Thank you for your replies so far.

    I have seen a few people mention saddle bags and others just putting stuff in their top's pockets but I always feel very weighed down with my pockets loaded.

    What does everone do on club rides and also on sportif rides?


  • John.T
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    In a saddle pack:- 2 tubes, multi tool, tyre levers, mobile phone and a piece of cloth for hand cleaning.
    Race top pockets:- Wallet, waterproof, energy bars. 2 gels tucked up shorts legs.
    On long rides 2 bottles in cages. On short rides, 60 mile or less one bottle and saddle pack contents in a pack in the other cage. No saddle pack.
    I do this for all rides except races when it is just 1 tube, tyre levers, car key and any gels I think I may need. 1 Bottle for races over 25 mile except in hot weather when I would take one on all of them. 0.75 ltr for longer races.
    Any arm warmers and gillets I may start in end up in pockets or stuffed up the jersey if no room elsewere.
    Just see what everyone else does and see what suits you.
  • Saddle bag: 1 x inner tube, 2 x tyre levers and a set of allen keys (the ones that fold into the handle)

    Back pocket: 1 x Co2 pump and 1 cannister, keys and waterproof or gillet depending on what the weather looks like.

    I always ride with a group so what ever I don't have someone always usually it.

    I have seen a lot of ppl in the group with a cut off water bottle in their second bottle cage full of stuff too.