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'70s Race Weapon!

meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
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On recent visit to Dinan, week BEFORE Tour was to pass (yes, yes, very bad planning!), lots of publicity for what I assume some sort of Sportif ride - Tour de Rance, to be led by Bernard Hainault (a local, I imagine).

One of his bikes from late '70s-early '80s on show in a local shop window. Decals in his name and seat post and stem engraved to match. What I assume the builders name etched into top of seat stays and top of fork crown - "Masi".

Some pics:



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  • bagpusscpbagpusscp Posts: 2,907
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    Shop window en....which town......looks under chair for a large object...... :twisted:
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    No, Paul, NO! Nice French lady saw me peering at it and photo'ing it..... re-opened the shop, went in and brought me out a poster/flyer for the "Tour de Rance" (the local river I think and a nice play on words!).
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Not sure Hinault actually rode one of his own bikes - he rode Looks at the end of his career and Gitanes when he rode for Renault before.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    It might nonetheless have been HIS - for training or whatever? The shop was not cycle-related in any way and I rather imagine a "friend"!
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  • DavidBelcherDavidBelcher Posts: 2,684
    Monty Dog wrote:
    Not sure Hinault actually rode one of his own bikes - he rode Looks at the end of his career and Gitanes when he rode for Renault before.

    For at least one season with La Vie Claire, he rode Reynolds 753 frames with "Hinault" decals (as per pics in the book he co-wrote with Claude Genzling), though they were probably made by sub-contract to Look; around this era the team also rode 753 frames badged as Look, but no doubt made elsewhere since, as far as I know, they've only ever built in carbon and aluminium.

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  • Pullman1937Pullman1937 Posts: 101
    Did Bernard Hinault not only come into his own around 1980 when he won the Tour de France and his greatest success extended forward in time from there? Seem to remember a certain TI Raleigh team under Peter Post that held sway in the late 1970s.

    Maybe its just the grey cells are getting addled but date for bike - 70s seems a bit sus.
  • acorn_useracorn_user Posts: 1,137
    Masi was an Italian framebuilder. His son, Alberto, still has his workshop underneath the Vigorelli velodrome in Milan. Masi was one of those "tailor" type bike builders. Riders would go to him for their frames, then have them stickered up in the appropriate colours. It still goes on, but is harder to do with carbon frames. But you do see a lot of Walser TT bikes even now. In the mid-90's, half the peloton were reputedly riding Cyfacs...

    Just thoughts on why the frame may be labelled "Gitane" or whatever. The crown engraving is a dead giveaway :)
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