Easyjet and bike boxes....

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Flying into Lyon on Monday with our bikes, we've paid the extra charge for the bikes thou after reading a few posts regarding easyjet I'm a little confused..

I've read that 32kg is the max your allowed including bikes but I've also read that the bike weight wont be included and they'll take it without extra charge..

Can anyone who's flown easyjet clarify this please???

Maybe the cycling gear will have to travel as hand luggage!

Many thanks :)


  • Bronzie
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    I'm pretty sure the bike box can weigh 32kg max - if you are tight on the 15kg limit for your other hold bag, just put stuff in with the bike.
  • Mark Alexander
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    I flew out from Bristol a few weeks ago. I had a bike bag with my Carbon bike.
    It survived with minimal padding. At check in, from memory, it was about 22kg. On the return journey there was extra weight but at no time was there any question of weight problems.

    Very good service actually. It was my first trip away.

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  • richa
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    Think it is to do with new Health & Safety laws meaning nax weight for any bag being 32kg.
  • andy_wrx
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    EasyJet's hold baggage allowance is 20kg.
    You've paid extra for the bike (or surfboard, golf clubs, etc - all class as 'sports equipment') and that gives you another 12kg.
    Thus you can take 32kg total without paying excess baggage weight charges.

    They're not bothered about the bike weighing 12kg and the hold bag weighing 20kg, the whole lot has to be 32kg or less.
    This means you can put some of your clothes in your bike bag as extra padding or put some of your bike stuff in your normal hold luggage, mix it up anyhow.

    Some other airlines allow a bike to fly free but mean 'a bike' - they open your bike bag and check it does just contain a bike and you haven't put anything else in and you end-up arguing whether e.g. tools or lights or panniers or your bike helmet is part of your bike or should be in your hold luggage.

    Personally, I'd put a day-or-two's worth of bike clothing, plus shoes, etc in with your bike or carry it as hand luggage.
    If the airline loses your hold bag and all your kit is in it but the bike arrives OK, how will you ride the bike without shoes, jersey, shorts, etc ?
    If your hold bag arrives but the bike doesn't, well problem doesn't apply !
  • GeorgeShaw
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    I recently travelled with SAS, and you pay separately for the bike, but it's not part of your overall allowance.

    So I guess you'll have to check the rules for each airline.