bianchi 928 c2c or colnago arte

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which is best for middle diastnces 50 miles (in comfort) on poor tarmac hilly roads. Any suggestions for anything else? what about lesser knowns Vinier and Wilier carbons both about £1500


  • Ste_S
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    No experience of riding any, but the Colnago looks a tad pricey for the spec. I suspect your paying extra for the stickers.
  • digitaria
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    I agree. The Colnago is a carbon / alu mix and the Bianchi is full carbon. The c2c range is designed for distance riding in comfort, so should suit your purposes. You could consider a Wilier Mortirolo for similar money - the Wilier Izoard is very nice, but maybe a bit out of budget. And since these are all Italian bikes, it would be wrong not to get Campag. :wink:

    Whatever you get, you need to test ride and get the fit right.
  • acorn_user
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    Well, you could get a Brian Rourke custom steel frame with a nice component group like Veloce or Centaur. The frame would probably be a bit heavier, but maybe you could cut weight from the components... Just another option :) I would try and ride them before getting fixated on any bike, but I never follow my own advice!