Dawes or Claud Butler

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Looking for a touring bike for my 7 mile commute to work.

Hope to take it easy on the way in (rather not shower) and maybe give it a little welly on the way home. Fairly flat roads for most of the way, with the odd pot hole (which road doesn't nowadays).

Content to spend up to 1,200 pounds and was looking at either the Dawes Super or Ultra Galaxy.

After visiting a few shops, my local one, recommended a Claud Butler Regent for around 500 pounds, I was rather impressed with the second set of brakes levers. As he knew my budget, rather impressed he didnt try to get me to buy the more expensive Dawes or next up Claud Butler Dalesmen.

Therefore, is the Regent good enough for what I want it for, or should I go for the Dalesmen or a Dawes. No intention of using it except for commute to work, will be fitting Panniers to carry my lunch etc.

All views appreciated, whether good or bad.

Thanks in advance.



  • Underscore
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    A touring bike for 7 miles each way seems a bit of overkill to me. I would consider a road bike with the ability to fit a pannier rack (e.g. Giant SCR) or, if you want something a bit tougher for the potholes, a cyclocross bike (e.g. Specialized Tricross).

    Of course, if your commute is pretty flat and you don't want it for anything else, a single speed may be the best bet due to its low maintenance... can you fit a rack on a Cotic Roadrat?


  • RufusA
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    Do you plan to use the bike for anything other than commuting (i.e. weekends along tow paths, laiden touring etc.).

    If it's just a straight 7 mile commute on the flat then IMHO a proper tourer is overkill. You don't need something built like a tank, that will take 40kg loads and gears to match the steepest hills full laiden when doing a 7 mile commute.

    Is this your only bike?
    What are you used to riding (i.e. a MTB)?
    What's traffic / junctions like on the commute. For me personally drops in heavy traffic with lots of lights / junctions is hard work as you spend your whole life on the hoods, craning your neck, with reduced braking!

    For a built up area I would seriously look at a roadesque hybrid. Clearence for mud guards, panniers etc. Flat bars. But essentially a slightly softened road gemoetry that will give you 90% of the fun / speed of a road, but in a much easier to live with package. You'll have room for beefier tyres to aid comfort and punture resistance!

    For long flat traffic free runs then a good audax or cyclocross would be ideal!

    No specific recommendations, FWIW I ride a Specialized Sirrus similar distances daily and am very happy with it!

    HTH - Rufus
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    I commute on an old Super Galaxy, can't fault it, but my commute is a bit longer than yours.

    This is currently my all-year bike, but i'm planning to build a Surly Long Haul Trucker over the winter, so the old Galaxy will be used for the grim stuff.
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    thanks for the info, my commute will be 20 miles e/w so probally only do it on alternate days. the bike i,m using now is a specialized crossroads mostly on bike tracks and country roads but commute will start country roads then into city center. Also plan on going away for weekends light touring ,
    cheers for the help