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Rapha Continental

CraigHCraigH Posts: 321
I have to admit to loving this site.. good photography, good write ups..the riders are less elite than the UK Rapha 'race only' scene..
anything like it in the UK?
Do Rapha intend to start a Rapha Britannica?

I know they have done some rides, eg the prologue, ashdown, how about some write ups of some big classic centuries?


  • I agree i really enjoyed reading the Continental rides on the website. The photo's - as with everything Rapha - are awesome and rides inspiring. I hope they bring them out as a book of some sort.

    Not sure if they intend to do a UK version but i hope they do. Although i'm not sure they will have the same effect, a little thing called sunshine makes all the rides look great. I have driven one of them in Santa Monica - taking in Topanga and landing on Mulholland - its so hot up there i don't know how they do it. It was tiring doing it in the car.

    Sweet bikes too.
  • I'm not sure about a UK version, but I live in the US and recently wrote to ask them if they plan to expand away from the coasts here. The answer was yes, early in 09. There are plenty of good rides in the middle of the country here.
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