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Could someone recommened me a shed to store at two adult bikes, 4 other wheels, a turbo and cycle related tools/bits etc.

The shed will go in my side return in my back garden so ideally i'd like something quite narrow rather than a big square.

Probably after a wooden one because the metal ones are too ugly and probably too small. My back garden is pretty secure but obviously it will need a lock etc - i'd use an anchor lock etc inside to.

Any thoughts greatly received.


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    I would be inclined to have a look round near where you live, and see if there are any sawmills/timber mills around.

    There is one near us, and they sell off the peg sheds, or they will make one to your own specification, size, and numbers of windows/doors etc, so you can get exactly what you want, instead of a compromise.

    Friend of mine had one installed, size is about 12ft by 8ft, and he built the base himself.
    They assembled the shed for him, and all in (Cost of shed and assembly) I think it cost him around £800.

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    This looks like the poodle's plums. I'm quite tempted myself:

    productimagelarge_additionbkestore.jpg ... estore.htm
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    I got one of these

    plenty of room and I've managed to keep spiders out of it so far
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  • I got a new one off eBay. I looked at the Walton ones, but eBay must have been a few hundred quid less (plus it included the installation).
  • I suspect 8x7 is a bit too much of a big square.

    I too want to stick something in my side return (oops pardon!), I'd seen this before and they review it in the latest C+
    Tridoorbikestoor it's too pricey for me but if Wayne Hemmingway doesn't put you off, looks to do the job well as it's only 75cm wide!

    I intend to build my own variation of it - probably costing me more time/money/effort in the long run.
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