Good ladies commuting bike???

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Hi I’m looking for a ladies bike for commuting. I want it to be practical but pretty! I’m thinking of a Raleigh caprice like this

Does anyone know if this is a good one or have any suggestions? I want to spend under £200.
Many thanks for any advice. :D


  • el_presidente
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    FCN number about 9 I think...

    ignore me, in joke. I expect it is fine espec for £200. Take it for a test ride & if you are happy then fine.
  • Underscore
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    For me the 3-speed hub gears would be a bit limiting - though it depends on the type of riding you're going to be doing.

    A quick search revealed a couple of options a touch above your budget; the Edinburgh Revolution Streetfinder Women's and the Giant Expression DX Women's both come with 21-speed gearing. It's likely that there are similar bikes available for a little less - bringing them into your budget.

    Of course, I can't vouch for the prettiness - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all!


  • graham_g
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    On the very recent advice from our local bike shop, it's well worth spending a little extra to ensure that it's serviceable. I've just bought a Giant CRS 3 for my girlfriend at £250 - we wanted the £200 model one lower down the range but they didn't bother to stock it because the extra £50 got a host of worthwhile improvements making it a much better proposition. It's a lovely bike although we had to also fit mudguards and rack so that pushed another £30 on. Alternatively there's the halfords Subway range or just second-hand.