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Touring Shoes

kmahonykmahony Posts: 380
edited July 2008 in Tour & expedition
Hi, can someone recommend some good touring shoes? I'm looking for something that's also comfortable off the bike and spd comaptible. (They'll be the only shoes I'm taking)

Currenly have an old pair of shimanos. Good on the bike, but solid metal plate and somewhat plastic feeling outer sole make them a bit uncomfortable when walking about. (need replacing now anyway)

Also need to look ok. Enough for going to bars.

Money not too much of an issue.



  • stevercpstevercp Posts: 113
    if its decent weather i would opt for shimano sandals
    if it rains put sealskin socks on
    sorted :D
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    I use Shimano MT-90 boots


    They are waterproof and breathable (Gore-Tex) and genuinely work as walking boots when off the bike (Vibram soles). They are perhaps overkill for fine summer weather (if it hapens) but they are the best compromise if they are the only shoes you take. They might seem to be hot for using in the summer but I don't find this a problem at all. I have even used them for Glastonbury even when I wasn't taking the bike, because of their sturdiness and waterproofness - which was much needed last year! I reckon they look quite good (suede upper), and don't look like cycling shoes.

    I also have Specialized Taho shoes


    They are lighter and good for walking, though not in the walking boot sense, and non-waterproof. I use them on day rides on dry days.
  • Special KSpecial K Posts: 449
    I bought some of these:

    Scott mtb shoes.

    Bought them for mountain biking after my Spesh ones literally rotted and fell apart after a season and a half.

    I can recommend these wholeheartedly. They look ok with jeans, not too gimpy, and they look good on the bike. Most importantly they are comfortable and so far mine do not smell like something died.

    Happy shopping.
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  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
    There's a large number of suitable trainer style shoes available, along the lines of the Specialized Tahos shown above. It's probably best to browse actual shops to make a decision so you can gauge how rubbery or plasticy the sole is, gauge stiffness etc.

    If you want respectable, the Exustar Stelvio would do for office wear.

    I'd recommend taking separate evening shoes though. If it's been raining during the day and your shoes are soggy, or your feet have spent all day getting sweaty, a change is very nice. The one time I toured without, I ended up buying some half way round.
    Jingas are lightweight and pack up small.
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    I've been very happy with these.


    I have to say at full-price they are a bit steep, but if you don't want/need the buckle you can save £40 of so. They've been more durable than the Specialized equivalents. Pretty quick drying. Very comfortable walking around with SPDs. I'll leave you to judge whether you'd wear them in a bar.

    I'm a bit leery of shoes with laces having once got a lace wrapped round a pedal - not pleasant when clipped in.
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    most shoes with laces have a lace keeper (mine do anyway, and they work fine)
  • culverwoodculverwood Posts: 256
    I use Specialized Sonoma shoes. Mine are laced but I think they have now changed to velcro which makes them less versatile in the evenings. I too recommend taking a pair of flip-flops or lightweight moccasins for off the bike.
  • rankbadyinrankbadyin Posts: 24
    I have recently bought a pair of Northwave Mission ATB shoes which seem to do the business
  • psmiffypsmiffy Posts: 236
    Ditto the Northwave Mission - I have just cycled 2300km Hook to Stavanger wearing them - slightly heavy compared to a full on competition mtb shoe but very comfortable both on and off the bike - excellant walking sole
  • jay_clockjay_clock Posts: 2,706
    I would either go for Shimano sandals or Specialiazed Taho (or similar). Last and earlier years' Tahos are much more subtle in colour than those above

    If taking sandals a light pair of canvas shoes such as these can be ideal for evening ... ns_16.html - they are actually mens though the link says womens
  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    I use the MT90 boots for winter use and if I intend to do walking as well (I lov ancient sites)

    However during the summer I use Shimano MT70 shoes, Goretex waterproofing, same good Vibram sols and very comfortable.............

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