Bike hire in France

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Hi can anyone tell me if you can hire a decent road bike if you travel to France as i would like to go next year to watch the tour/holiday and would prefare to fly if possible as don't fancy driving with a 8 month old in the back.


  • shmo
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    I just got back from a week in Provence with several Frenchman to do cycling up and around Ventoux. There was a good bike shop in Bedoin called La Route du Ventoux that hired out some pretty nice carbon Casati bikes for around 25 euro a day. The guys that I went with said that it was quite unusual to rent a bike like that and it was only possible because of the mass of cyclists that go up Ventoux this time of year.

    Would be interested to hear any replies on what you can get from your average French bike shop as I've got another holiday near Chateauroux next week and didn't want to take my bike because of all the transfers between trains and planes that I need to do.
  • babyshambles
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    i didnt know that you could hire decent road bikes , hmm that sounds great, have you got a lnk to where you hired from?