S.P.D Shoe / Pedal Movement query

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Hey guys,

some of you may remember that i posted a question regarding pain in the back of my muscles on my right leg. I took all your advide and unfortunately nothing as worked.

but i have noticed something.....................

when I click the left foot into the S.P.D it clicks in and stays tight when riding. I.E the back of the shoe is not moving around and it casues no problem.

When i click the right shoe in and pedal along the back of the shoe is moving all over the place and the pain appears after about 10 miles.

is this a faulty pedal?

p.s. both pedals have been tighten to +5 with the allen key.

any ideas or help ..............

thanks for your time


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    Check your cleats too. Are they single sided pedals, mountain bike or road pedals, are they new or old, if they are old, have they been serviced? What about the cleats, are they worn? Check everything is tight and not worn first.
    Hope it clears up.
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  • daz51
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    everything is less that 6 weeks old,

    they are shimano A530 ???????? pedals i think thats right.

    they only tightening you can do is with the allen key i believe ?????