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Ride round Rivington and Winter Hill

geoswallowgeoswallow Posts: 6
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Found a great route round Rivington yesterday. Not strictly all on bridleway. but it's away from the ramblers :lol:

Start at the barn and climb your way to the top road just below the tower, keep right on this track, keeping the tower on your left. Follow the track until you get to some dog kennels.
Immediately after these, there's a footpath that looks very steep at first, but levels out a few meters up. Follow the moorland track uphill until you reach a very narrow service road that leads to the large TV masts.
Turn left and head for the masts.

***At present, you are diverted round the mast as they're carrying out wor, but keep your bearings and you'll eventually end up back onthe service road on the other side of the mast. When the road is reopened, you simply ride past the mast and continue on the road to the next instructions below.***

Contine to follow the TARMAC road up to the other smaller towers, if you go down the wide gravel track in front of you (to your right if you go whilst the diversion is in place) you will end up in the next valley.
Eventually you pass the trig point for the top of Winter Hill. Just on from this the road seems to end at another radio tower. However, to the right you will see some gravel single track. Keep on this, following the ridge without losing too much height. The trail will open up in front of you as you fly back down towards Rivington. Be careful as at one point you end up in a deep gulley that is rocky and fairly narrow. Hardtails or short travel XC bikes may find the going a bit rough.
Eventually you cross some small footbridges and end up on another gravel/stone track, this is the same track you climbed to earlier. Keep left and continue climbing on this track and you eventually end up back at the foot of the Pike, from here, descend on your chosen track back down to the barns.

Not sure on distance, but a rough guess would be 10miles maximum, although there is a LOT of climbing, and the distance from the pike to the tv mast is deceiving. I will try to add a map, but having trouble at the minute. Any questions, just ask.


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