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Removing bearings from Orange Sub 5

IainMac1IainMac1 Posts: 94
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey Chaps,

Can anyone offer any adivce on removing the bearings from my Sub 5, they are certainly a snug fit.

Hit my local bearings shop for the replacements, but looks like im gonig to strugle gettign the old ones out.

Any advice would eb appreciated.

Cheers Chaps

Iain Mac


  • markwattonmarkwatton Posts: 23
    I assume you mean the pivot bearings, if so it is a piece of cake, just requires some brute force with a rubber mallet.

    Remove bearing dust covers

    loosen LH bearing pinch bolt

    Hit welded area of swingarm just above LH bearing with rubber mallet

    Tighten LH pinch bolt and loosen RH pinch bolt

    Hit welded area with mallet as above on RHS

    Repaet this process until bearings come off pivot stub.

    Fitting new ones is the reverse of the above

    The swingarm needs to be whacked quite hard, dont be scared as the area you are hitting is very strong.
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