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euro route 1 Boulogne to St. Petersberg

harry58harry58 Posts: 12
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Does anyone know anything about or have done euro route1. The website bills it as going from Boulogne to St. Petersberg. Worth a look goes through Bruges, the Hague, Berlin, Riga. Can't find a specific map though for most of route.. It does seem to cover a german cycle route and the North Sea route in parts Just trying to work out if I'm dreaming or if it is a plausable journey. The website predictably makes it look like the journey of your life.. Hard to disagree though but any info would be gratefully received before I get to excited and start contacting dif tourist boards for info.


  • hisokahisoka Posts: 575
    I'm not posting a reply with answers, but I had never heard of this route until you mentioned it and now am getting more interested in finding out the answer myself. A little search on the web made it seem even more interesting.
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  • tim_ftim_f Posts: 12
    Did part of this route at the end of June this year.

    Took the boat from Newcastle to Amsterdam and joined the route near Utrect and followed it to the German Polish border past Berlin, about 14 days cycling. I then got the train back to Amsterdam, after a couple of days in Poland.

    The route on this section is well marked and follows lots of off road section with a good surface. Had to walk less than 100m over the whole trip (due to soft sand) but there are a few short sections of cobbles.

    There is a bikeline guide (in German) with excelent maps of the the route.

    I was camping , not a great many campsites on route some 120 km gaps, ok for me but some of the dutch cyclist found this meant long days as they go slowly with their huge amount of luggage.

    I recommend the bit I did, but suspect that the next section would be harder to navigate and not have tracks and paths of the same standard.

    Would like to do some more another year.

  • BrainsBrains Posts: 1,732
    Read Napoleons advance and retreat from Moscow. It's a bit out of date as it was written in 1812, butt hat was most of his basic route, however he did not bother to finish the guide book as it said travel in the winter was inadvisable
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