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Hi all - I am quite an experienced cyclist but only have basic knowledge of maintaining my bike.

Can anyone reccomend a Road Bike Maintenance book ?

One that is detailed, has decent photos etc



  • nicklouse
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    Zinn and the art of...

    the big blue book from park tools.

    Or just start of with the park tools webby and Sheldon Browns site.

    for detailed infos on parts download from the makers webby
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  • Nuggs
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    I use Zinn and supplement it with the Parktools website...
  • Doobz
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    If you don't want to buy a book then just use and it has most stuff in plain and simple steps
  • hugo15
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    Have a look at the video clips on here

    I also went on a course at the Edinburgh Bike Co-op. Cost £40 but you effectively get you bike serviced while you learn. I found it really useful having someone there who you could check with when you weren't sure.