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A Trek 1.7 or a Cannondale Synapse ?

chas38chas38 Posts: 65
edited July 2008 in Road beginners
a Trek 1.7 triple or a Cannondale Synapse 105 Triple? Both are similarily specced and not a big price difference either. Have tried both and can't really split them. Anyone got any relevant experience of either - good or bad?


  • cframecframe Posts: 171
    I've had the 1.7 double for a few months now and whilst it's my first road bike I really can't fault it at all.

    It's quick in a straight line, comfy over long rides, climbs well (did all 3 of those at this years etape caledonia :)). It's possibly a wee bit twitchy on descents but that could be down to the tyres or me not having them at the right pressures…

    When I was looking about I couldn't find anything really in the same price range which would offer the same level of finishing kit.

    Never really ridden any other roadies so can't really compare it to anything else though, sorry!
    How's that for a slice of fried gold?
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