Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

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Hi there,

Im looking into buying a decent lock and ive come across the:

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini ... roogle6772

cheapest price ive found but the issue is, it seems quite small, how do you actually lock your bike up with it\?

any help would be great thanks


  • downfader
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    Was speaking to the guy in the local shop about an Abus of similar dimentions and he reckons they can sometimes be used like a wheel clamp, or just to clamp the frame to a locking post/rail.

    Slightly off topic, but whilst speaking to the shop lads today they said they dont like stocking the kryptonite stuff as they think its over priced for the job it does. :? Any with more experience on the matter, lol?

    One of the guys here called Meanwhile posted a great link to some lock info. 8)
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    You also need to buy 3 feet of anchor chain.
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    dondare wrote:
    You also need to buy 3 feet of anchor chain.

    Oh just realised its 18 NOT 180mm :oops: :lol:
  • j4mesj4mes
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    still with its size would it be big enough to go round the frame and the post your locking it too?

    i believe the idea is that its supposed to be small so you cant use a bottle jack to open it

    but i havent seen any pics of it being used

    i understand you would need a secondary lock/cable to secure the wheels
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    Lock the rear wheel INSIDE the rear triangle to the immovable object . Don't have a quick-release from wheel .
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    The Abus Locks Granit X-Plus 54 is possibly the best lock for the price, it has 13mm rather than 18mm shackle, but the square section means that it requires 2 cuts to release the lock as it can't be rotated after 1 cut, thus doubling protection time whilst saving weight. You should be able to find one online for about £49.
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    Hi I have the mini fahgeddaboudit thingy. It is quite small and can be difficult to use to lock up the bike as it won't go round sign posts for example and it's not very long so you'll have to get the bike very close to whatever you want to lock to.
  • maveco
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    I have this lock, it is just big enough to go over the main bar and a proper cycle bar loop. Upside is it leaves no space for someone to get any leverage with an iron bar or anything. Would recommend it, but use it with some krypto cable for your wheels.

    Also it has a 12 rating. I know there will always be someone with some supertool to get through it but hey, it will keep the crackheads at bay.
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    thanks for that maveco!

    have you registered with the company so that if someone steals your bike its insured?
  • j4mesj4mes
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    would i be right to think it would easily go over one of these?

    It just the lock looks so small!
  • maveco
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    Yes it will go over that, depending on the height of your bike.

    Also the insurance thing, don't bother as the terms and conditions will make sure that you wont get a penny. You have to prove how the bike lock was bested, and send it to them, before you can make a claim. Your home contents insurance should cover it, if not i suggest getting separate bike insurance. I don't bother really, but then I don't really leave my bike anywhere other than private garages etc. My bike is really stealable (Cannondale Bad Boy 8 ) and I am in Central London.

    Anyway I would recommend that lock, it looks unbreakable and is virtually impossible to get leverage in the loop. Bike thieves will think twice.