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2nd Outing - Much Better!

ScorpionScorpion Posts: 30
edited July 2008 in MTB beginners
Just been out for the 2nd time today and what a difference from the last time. I stayed on a mainly flat route with gradual inclines, nothing severe. I took my time and attempted to come to terms with the gears ( I must remember to change gear BEFORE I get to the steeper parts!)

Beautiful afternoon on a great cycle route, the Derwent Walk, near Gateshead. I managed 10.4 miles and best of all had no problem with my dodgy knee. I've included a couple of pics just to prove I was out (and no, I hadn't crashed into the tree, the bike was just resting against it), back out tomorrow, weather permitting.


'Tis Better To Sting Than To Be Stung!


  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    Glad to hear that, and nice place there. Did you take a swim in that river,
    because here in Macedonia is very hot this time of the year +40*C or +104F.
  • ScorpionScorpion Posts: 30
    A swim? No way, the water has to be about the same as a nice warm bath before I venture into it! :D:D:D
    'Tis Better To Sting Than To Be Stung!
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