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Stans No Tubes - tyre compatibilty

RichMTBRichMTB Posts: 599
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I'm seriously considering taking the plunge and buying a Stan's NO Tubes conversion kit,

However I've heard that certain tyre work better with these kits.

I'm running DT Swiss 4.2 rims on the bike I'm thinking of converting and they have an almost brand new set of Continetal Gravity's does anyone have any experience of this conbination or can anyone reccomend a combination that works


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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i have tried conversions with 2 different continental tyres (speed kings and mountain kings) neither was succesful in the slightest.

    i have a conversion using a maxxis high roller and that has worked perfectly.

    the stans kit itself is very good though and i would well recommend it.
  • or you could get DT's own kit designed for your rims and run them with any UST tyre, that is how I went. DT 455 rims and Continental Mountain King 2.4 USTs. a winning combination in my opinion. The dt kit is great. got mine from CRC.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i will second ADs recommendation for proper ust tyres, thats what i am running on the willow and they are the best way to do it by far. they fit easily with a track pump and remain airtight for weeks if not months on end.
  • rob colerob cole Posts: 706
    never tried using Conti tires with stan's, might be worth going onto the Stans website and looking on the forum for info / advice

    my own experience: Maxxis High Roller (in 1 ply, 2 ply and XC silkworm) and Minions (1 ply and 2 ply) have usually worked within a few strokes of the trackpump ;)
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  • mbnutmbnut Posts: 155
    I have just tried to go tubeless with xt tubeless ready rims and conti mountain king protection... the trye seated easily on the rim and i thought i had it sorted but air is coming through the side wall of the tyre... does anyone know if this will stop??? i wonder if it is due to it being the black chilli compound.

    Just a tip... ride with your tyres with tubes for a few days first then it is easier to seat the trye as it is the right shape.

    Any advie would be good... cheers
  • non ust tyres will need sealant as the tyre carcass is not designed to be airtight (that is the tubes job) whereas UST tyres are coated inside the tyre carcass and are airtight. both work better with a bit of sealant added however with non UST tyres this is a must. hence your leaky sidewalls.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    both of the conti tyres displayed the leaky sidewalls when i tried to fit them and continued for weeks, infact, the leaking never stopped and thats why i now use regular ust tyres

    that said, the maxxis were/are ace
  • RichMTBRichMTB Posts: 599
    I had thought about the UST route, I know that a conversion kit exist for my rims but...

    Are UST tyres not far heavier than standard tyres and an absolute swine to fit?

    What about LUST, Maxxis in particular seem to have a big range of them?
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  • UST tyres are a little bit heavier than standard tyres but that is because the tyre is perfoming the duties of tyre and tube, many people make the mistake of thinking going tubeless will mean they can run the lightest tyres possible with no problems and that is simply not the case.

    Sensible tyre choice will mean excellent results, most decent UST tyres now are around 700-800g a piece, not a bad tyre weight when you consider no tube is required and you shouldn't have any pinch punctures.

    a few people on here use the Maxxis LUST range with success and I like my Continental UST's too.
    just pick wisely and see how you get on.
  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    The specialized sworks 2bliss captains work for me on DT rims. They're 590g.
  • RichMTBRichMTB Posts: 599
    I found this:

    Very comprehensive.

    Looks like I'll try the Eclipse / DTswiss conversion kit with the tyres I have to hand, if it doesn,t work I'll try Maxxis LUST
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  • NorthridgeNorthridge Posts: 26
    Total sucess with Continental Twister Supersonic and Irc Serac XC. Never any problems.
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