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Replacing crankset

philakphilak Posts: 144
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If i want to replace my standard double Shimano Ultegra SL cranks with The Ultegra SL Compact cranks which use the same BB, is it just a case of undoing the left hand crank and pulling the axle out from the right , then reversing with the new crankset or is there much more to it?Will i need a special puller? I'm assuming you dont have to touch the BB to do this.

I've never messed around in the BB area before so i'm not sure how the correct spacing is achieved between crank arms and bearing shells?Do they fit just so and no other way?



  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    As you suggested, just slide the new cranks into the BB bearings and fit the L/H crank but do not tighten the bolts yet. You need to screw in the little endcap to preload the cranks against the bearing seals. A bit more than hand tight is ok, does not need to be over tightened. Then tighten the clamp bolts, fairly tight but do not over tighten. Recheck the bolts after a couple of rides.
    Job done :D
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  • philakphilak Posts: 144
    Cheers, thanks for the speedy reply.
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