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Havent ridden a road bike for a good few years but have kept myself ticking over with a mountain bike. I am now looking at the latest road bikes, mainly at a Trek Madone 5.5 or a Specialized Tarmac Pro, got a bit of money together so can afford to splash out a bit. The shops seem to push you toward a trek but I am not to sure about these race lite wheels, seen a lot of bad reviews. I am quite a heavy rider 210 pounds so am quite hard on the wheels. Is it worth paying for a wheel upgrade on the madone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.


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    I have owned both and would go for the Specialized Tarmac. Only my opinion give them both a test ride and see what you think..
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    do love the trek madone 5.5 and the tarmac pro, was looking at both of them (as well as a roubaix and a cube) until a 3 grand car bill happened :S

    I love the look of the wheels on the trek, but like you would be worried about them (even weighting about 50lbs less than you)

    Only thing that put my off the Tarmac, was the colour scheme, i love the colours of all the tarmacs, except the bro :S how sad :(

    Loved the yellow on the madone 5.5 though ;)
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    Do try the Lemond Zurich 2008. Very Madone-esque but more comfortable.
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