puncture fairy killed my tyres - 2 weeks old

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Seemed to have wrecked my brand new Specialized all condition armadillos after only 2 weeks :)




Both done on rainy days. ( 2 days apart), both can now see the inner tube bulging out. :cry:

Any suggestions on a more resistant tyre? I had spesh nimbus tyres on my MTB before getting a hybrid. ONE puncture in a year... but didnt wreck the tyre.



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    I was rolling up a hill coming home from work yesterday and didnt see some broken bottle until too late (was watching traffic as its notoriously busy there). I honestly thought my tyres must have been done in by the sound of breaking glass so i got off grumbling and checked.

    Apart from a couple of small cuts they appear fine. No punctures or unusable tyres as far as i can see. Lucky. Those are Race Lite's, cheapy ones from my local. :)
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    tuxpoo wrote:
    Seemed to have wrecked my brand new Specialized all condition armadillos after only 2 weeks :)

    The PF visited me last week, obviously in the rain, miles from home as is her way!

    My Armadillos were showing similar damage to yours, in my case caused by evil pointy gravel left behind by a nearby builder!

    A small pen knife to remove the gravel and piece of card and a tube of superglue and they appear sound, and up until the incident had given 12 months of near pf free cycling. Think it's time to go with the crowd and get some marathon plus before it rains again!


    p.s. Top tip - after repairing a puncture always reconnect the "noodle" on the v-brakes before setting off on your journey otherwise braking can be somewhat impaired :oops:
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    Well, It seems the tyres are not armadillos, but some standard version!!!

    Anyway the LBS has swapped them for the correct ones (free).

    Ill see if they are any better, but eventually ill go schwalbe.

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    I tried armadillos before I discovered SMPs.
    They gave a very harsh ride and started letting in punctures eventually.
    This post contains traces of nuts.