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Chain line

GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
edited July 2008 in Road general
I am having trouble achieving a straight chain line.

Hubs are on one - I think they give a 42mm chain line.

BB is 68mm.

Crank set is TA VEGA compact double

With a Sugino 103 BB it is out about 2mm thats with the ring on the outside. Itis out about the same with a Stronglight 107.

I think if I had a dedicated single speed chain set my problems could be rectified?

Although now I have removed about 2mm from the BB shell drive side. I guess a 107 might work with a single speed chain set. I am thinking of getting the Dotek/Bulletproof as they are cheap and do a 155mm.

Any advice most welcome and appreciated.


  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    So you've got 42 rear and c. 44 front? What about with the ring on the inner face (or is it 40 now, in which case moving it inboard woulkd obviously worsen matters!)?

    Have you measured front and rear - or working by eye? A straight edge flat against the ring is a good way of judging "accuracy".

    +/- 2mm don't sound too awful to me.
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  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
    I've always used a 110mm BB with double cranksets and mounted the ring on the inside - always perfect for 42mm hubs (I've only ever used on one hubs after buying a couple in a clearout they had ages ago). Doesn't look all that pretty, but I'm of the opinion that SS cranksets are somewhat overpriced!
  • GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
    I was mounting on the outside I should have gone on the inside but I have a Bulletproof single crank on order as I am putting together a Sheldon type Raleigh Twenty fixed. It feels like a rockier road than it should have been but hopefully i will get there.
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