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SKS Mudguard Sizes?

Matt-BMatt-B Posts: 112
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Hi All,

This might be a really silly question, but...

After being absolutely pelted with mud and rain on the way to work and back this week (as well as my bike being covered in muddy water every day), I want to get a pair of the SKS Chromoplastic mudguards for my '08 Giant SCR2. I was looking at ordering them from wiggle, and there are a load of sizes:

Tyre width:
35mm fits 700 x 20-28 tyres,
45mm fits 700 x 25-35 tyres,
50mm fits 700 x 35-45mm,
55mm fits 26x1.0"-1.5",
65mm fits 26x1.6"-2.5"

My tyres are 700x26c - so according to this either the 35mm or the 45mm versions will be suitable? Anyone got any advice as to which size would be best suited to my bike?




  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652

    35mm all the way - nothing else will fit (my other half has an SCR3). I do have one recommendation though, and that is to consider the SKS Bluemels (SP?). They have a totally round profile which is slightly narrower and fits the carbon fork perfectly. The trade of is that they don't come with either rear reflector of front mudflap, but this does mean they look realllly sleek. You'll probably want to get yourself one of these too as mounting the guards in front of the fork is not ideal:

    Brake doodad thingamejig
  • Matt-BMatt-B Posts: 112
    Thanks for the advice Graham - I will be getting a pair of the Blumels then I think. Makes things simple as well, as they only come in one size!
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