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Hybrid suitable for 5 day tour?

jbadgerjbadger Posts: 3
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Hi Everyone,
I'm planning a 5 day tour, from Italy to Spain, along the Med coast, in September. About 80 miles a day. Never done any sort of touring before..... My bike is a 7 year old, but very clean, Trek 7500 non-suspension hybrid; standard, flat bars, 27 gears, etc. Planning to carry what we need, but no camping gear. Is the bike up to it? I intend to put Gator Skins on, and a better saddle, rear rack, and probably clip-in pedals. I'm 6'3", and about 13 stone.
Does any of the above make sense?! Any suggestions on bike improvements I should make, and what sort of clip in pedal system would you recommend (every person I've asked has a different idea)?
Many thanks for any ideas and comments.


  • xiliosxilios Posts: 170
    My wife rides the Trek FX 7.2 all over Europe without any problems. If it fits good you shouldn't have any problems. For details about gear etc. check out ourpage, link below.
  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    If you are comfortable riding the hybrid, it'll do the job. The main risk over long hours on a bike with flat bars is that your hands and wrists get stiff for lack of variety in positioning them. You might stick some bar end thingies on to give yourself a bit of choice, but i've never used them, so don't know how effective they would be. Alternatively, stop regularly for rest and refreshments.

    the other risk would be headwinds, as it is more difficulty to tuck against them without drops, but you should be ok in Spain in the summer.

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  • jbadgerjbadger Posts: 3
    Thanks Guys,
    Helpful info. Got bar ends- they are much more comfortable for long flat rides where brakes are not needed suddenly.
    Good information on your website Xilios - thanks. I'll keep reading that.
    Still not sure about clip-in pedals ........ still asking everyone I can think of.
    Cheers for now,
  • AmbermileAmbermile Posts: 117
    You might want to have a peek at these bars... mine arrived today and a quick test-ride impressed for comfort and multiple-choice riding positions!



    PS - I use strapless toeclips, never could get to like the clip-on idea!
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