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hand pain

bjornobjorno Posts: 7
hi i went out to llandegla yesterday and did all the black runs for the frist time but to day i found that hand hurt abit just what to know if any one get this as well it might just be muscle iv not used before just what to find out


  • toby_gtoby_g Posts: 37
    where abouts in the hand is the pain?

    What type of bike do you have, and what gloves do you wear?
  • bjornobjorno Posts: 7
    i was on a scott scale 50 and i was where ing fox gatling gloves but im pretty sure it just over worked muscle in my hands
  • toby_gtoby_g Posts: 37
    I would probably say it is just that. You have over worked a muscle in your hand that you are not used to using too much.

    When I first got my Racing bike, I got real aches in my hands after ~15-20minutes on the bike. After a couple of weeks the pain completely disappeared.
  • bjornobjorno Posts: 7
    thank for the reply
  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    i too sometimes get sore hands (the big muscly pad connected to the thumb) after riding particularly rock/rooted/downright bumpy trails.

    It usually goes away after a few hours.
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