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Helmet Fit?

ScorpionScorpion Posts: 30
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I've just bought a Giro Indicator helmet from Ebay, size large. Very nice helmet but it feels tight on the top edges of my head (I know that sounds weird, like I have a sqaure head but that's about the best description). The adjusting band is fine but it just feels a bit uncomfortable.

Daft question, but should your head reach the top of the helmet, mine doesn't it's sort of perched on the bits I mentioned earlier. Now no doubt you're imaging me looking a bit like Sloth fron The Goonies!

Is this normal or do I go for the XL model?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Mmm go to a shop and get you head inside some.

    not all lids fit all heads.
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  • UnderscoreUnderscore Posts: 730
    Different helmets suit different shaped heads. I tried a number - including Giro, IIRC - and had similar fit problems to you. In the end I discovered that Specialized helmets fitted me perfectly. That's why I only buy helmets (and anything else where fit is important) from the LBS.

  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    helmets are touch and go the best bet is to try various manufactures to see who's or which brand fits you'r head comfortabley people have diferent shaped heads so trying to produce helmets to fit all is tricky giro tend to be more for round headed people..

    try a few lbs shops and try other manufactures like scott bell met lazer fox specialized trek.. then stick to that brand...
  • ScorpionScorpion Posts: 30
    Thanks guys, now I don't fel so ......... Sloth.jpg
    Sorry to be numb but - LBS?
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  • mcbazzamcbazza Posts: 251
    LBS = Local Bike Shop

    You'll get than TLA* on a lot of bike-related forums.

    *Three Letter Acronym
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  • ScorpionScorpion Posts: 30
    mcbazza wrote:
    LBS = Local Bike Shop

    You'll get than TLA* on a lot of bike-related forums.

    *Three Letter Acronym

    In the immortal words of Homer Simpson...........DOH! :lol::lol::lol:
    'Tis Better To Sting Than To Be Stung!
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