Claud Butler - What is it

Pete Beer
Pete Beer Posts: 604
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A friend has this and we're trying to work out what it is. Any ideas regarding age and model.
And it's 22" fixed and will be for sale...............


  • bagpusscp
    bagpusscp Posts: 2,907
    Any Frame Number .
  • Pete Beer
    Pete Beer Posts: 604
    Good point Paul, I'll ask..............
  • Pete Beer
    Pete Beer Posts: 604
    The frame number for the Claud Butler is; 026548
  • meagain
    meagain Posts: 2,331
    Mid-70s to early '80s from the "look" of it?

    Doubt that can be ID'd from the Number (tho' I shall of course bow to Paul's greater knowledge!).
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