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Hi There,

Currently i'm riding this

But I have seen this in the sale ... elID=24216

I know that the Principia weighs 1200g, but i can't find the weight of the allez elite frame, and appart from the obvious price difference, would this be an worthy upgrade, i'm indecisive on this one. ( I will be swapping over the components)

Any comments would be welcome, Cheers


  • gkerr4
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    personally I don't think it would be that much of an upgrade - certainly not a £500 upgrade anyway.

    but then - I;m a big allez / roubaix fan - your is particularly nice btw - are they Ksyrium ES?

    you may well find that your allez frame is lighter than 1200g too
  • Matty1235
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    Yes, there ES, brilliant wheels really like them, and so far after a year no problems, touch wood. Why is there such a difference in price if the allez frame is probaly lighter aswell, I would have thought that at three times the price surely the frame would be lighter?

    Maybe I have the weight of the Principia wrong.
  • gkerr4
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    the price could, in some ways, be explained by the fact that it as 'principia' written on the side!

    I don't know - it could be stiffer than your allez - it could give a more lively ride - although I doubt it would be comfier as the headtube is probably shorter for the frame size and any increase in stiffness would reduce comfort too.

    there are carbon frames for around £500 - the unbadged deda nero corsa for example.
  • giant_man
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    The principias are old frames now, built in 04 or 05'. CR have loads of the things, god knows how they got hold of them, I thought the company went out of business.

    Fine if you want thin-walled aluminium, but as gkerr4 says, you can get a carbon frame for similar money.
  • Matty1235
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    I've Seen this from Wiggle, which I thoght was a good price and looking frame, any other suggestions or thoughts on this frame. ... 360033105/

    Thanks for you input
  • acorn_user
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    While it is true that you can buy a carbon frame for 500 pounds, it is not necessarily true that this frame will be better than an a good aluminium frame. Round here, the ultimate race bike for amateurs is the Cannondale Caad9. Principia knew what they were doing.