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The good doctorThe good doctor Posts: 307
I ride road and an mtb for commuting and occasionally off roading. I have just fitted a pair of shimano spd pedals and both my knees and upper legs to some extent are in considerable pain. I don't have this issue on the road bike where I use look pedals with a bit of float.
Can the cleats be adjusted to allow for a little more freedom of movement, the pedals are Shiman M324.
Any thought would be welcome. thanks


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    unfortunately they can not as the float is fixed.

    It seems that you need to set the cleats in the correct position closer to your natural foot angles.
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  • Kiwi KrankerKiwi Kranker Posts: 416
    I dont understand why no one ever seems to mention Crank Brothers Egg Beaters when people have this problem.

    They naturally allow a lot more float than shimano SPDs, I have Physio mates who specialize in high performance sport rehab and they recommend CB pedals for people who have trouble with their knees when riding. You can of course adjust your cleats for the shimano pedals to get your placement right but CB's allow for a bit of 'error' in setup.

    I talk from experience here in that I had a knee which I 'blew' skiing and had a world of pain with SPDs but changing to egg beaters worked a treat.
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