not really commuting as such

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heres a video a mate sent me of NYC bike messengers having a race. Some of the moves these boys do are crazy.


  • Crickey.

    And I just spotted that the guy who posted it, Dazbert, is a good mate of mine - lives near me down (or should that be darn) in sarf London. Unless, of course, there are two Dazberts who are in to bikes.
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    That should be in the olympics!!

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    is that not like the one where the messengers are on crack? 8)
    nice riding
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    That should get the anti-RLJ and pro-helmet wearing brigade in a proper tiz!
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    facking hell... about 4 minutes in how the hell did the camera man get through that gap???

    it's like an rlj'ers wet dream
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    ChrisLS Posts: 2,749's that GregT in New York! 8)
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    Clever Pun wrote:
    facking hell... about 4 minutes in how the hell did the camera man get through that gap???

    If you mean the quite big that needed the extra sharp swerve, could have been pure talent and countersteer, but he might have have had a bit of help from the bike.

    If you look at some of the drop handle bikes in that race carefully - eg at 1.37 and 1.58 - you'll see some much smaller wheels than you'd expect - I thought one of them was a Moulton for a moment! Even 26 inch wheels are definitely more agile than 700c. Add a high bb and sticky tyres that have a wider contact patch than a road racer - and superb bike handling skills - and you can do a lot. The Condor Fisso is the closest bike you can get easily in the UK to this sort of spec, although it's usually a flat bar build.
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    meanwhile wrote:
    I thought one of them was a Moulton for a moment!

    ..I even went back to check if he was a commuter who just wondered into an alleycat, in which case the bike might have been a Moulton. But if he is a non-courier he's exceptionally blase about riding through crowds of peds..
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    Crikey. I felt a little sick watching some of that. :shock: Phenomenal athletes but mad as a bag of badgers. :lol:
  • Woo-hah - did he stub his joint out on that JCB's bucket?

    "'s that GregT in New York"
    no, don't think so, no way through those gaps for a Lardmeister...
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  • Pure Talent, but its something i wont look up to.