My first Sportive

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Having read the tales of everyone I thought I'd give one a go ...

I entered the Reigate Sunday Sportive on Sunday.

Didn't know what to expect as a first timer but it seemed to me to be a fun day out apart from the weather & punctures (x2)... :(

I punctured after about 15 minutes (first one in 6 months) and as I fixed it loads of peope when streaming by, many offered help so thanks to them. Got going again and then punctured again (probably didn't clear all the sharp bits in my rush).

Considered packing in as it seemed all the riders had passed but carried on anyway.

Eventually saw a bloke coming behind so I sat up and waited; to my good fortune this was a strong rider who towed me back into the field at 25mph for quite some time. Thanks to the bloke on the Planet X in black & white.

At the first feed it really started tipping it down so I hung around a bit.

My ride time for the 55 miles was 3:13 on my computer but my elapsed was 3:51 due to the punctures and feed/rain breaks. I opted for the short route once the rain kicked in.

Spent the vast majority of the ride on my own; is that normal?

All in all good fun; very surprised at the speed people were decending at in the rain :shock:

It would have been nice to have a shower after rather than just towel down at the car.

The people on the long route must have had a long day in the rain!!

I think I'll do some more but bigger events so there is more group riding; people were very friendly but I wasn't that impressed with the guy in a redhill jersey who empted his nose out when I was behind him...


  • vermooten
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    Good ride report! I know that feeling of wanting a shower and having a 1 inch square of towel instead. I find people are pretty friendly too. When someone snots on me I make sure they know I'm not happy - do likewise!
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

    Manchester Wheelers
  • tomgth
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    It's when you miss-time your own snot routine straight onto your new bib shorts that p*sses me off. I did the long route and had groups most of the way. A tip could be to try and be in one of the first groups that leave.
  • don key
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    Cycling truly is remarkable in that you went through all that and now want another go, well done, nothing wrong with your time as it will only get quicker with effort, blood, sweat and no fears