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Manchester-Blackpool 13/7/08

sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
starting to look forward to Sunday - just hope the weather's better than it is now

Anyone else signed up ?


  • Mog UkMog Uk Posts: 964
    Yup I'm riding... Fingers crossed for some decent DRY weather......
  • davelakersdavelakers Posts: 762
    Im doing it. This was the ride last year that got me hooked, well and truly, on road riding!!
  • the_jackalcpthe_jackalcp Posts: 276
    I will be there with my brother. Starting at 8am. How about you guys?

    Just looked at the weather and it is suppose to be raining although Saturday is good. Hopefully the Saturday's weather will end up on Sunday instead. It appears as though we may get a break from the strong winds but things seems so changeable at the moment I reckon it's a case of turn up and see on the day.

    Whats the route like in terms of hills, cars, road surface etc? As you can see I'm in London so not quite sure what to expect.
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  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    Jackalcp its pretty flat except a small climb near wigan - Haigh Hall - the roads from memory are OK.

    I'm meeting up with some fellas by G-mex at 8.00 due off 8.15 ish, should be a good day if it doesn't p*** down
  • Mog UkMog Uk Posts: 964
    9am start here. Riding with some fellow club riders and aiming at under 3hours....
  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    you'll be passing me then Mog :)
  • thamacdaddythamacdaddy Posts: 590
    Aye I am signed up for this with my mate setting off at 8:30am.

    Year ago I was 20 stone (haven't weighed myself in five months but was around 16/16.5 in jan and definately lighter now hoping close to 14) and started cycle commuting to work so from that to hopefully completing the salford 100 (august) and going to france and doing Ventoux in 12 months is a big thing for me. I couldn't have through about doing this a year ago but now we do 50+ miles at weekends just to do distances to do these events. Looking at keeping on working the fitness up and doing a lot more 100 mile events in the future.

    We did the manchester to liverpool last month which was pretty much all off road with loads of gates etc to go through (did it on my mtb) so I am really looking forward to doing an event with others all on road and we will be aiming for between 3 and 3.5 hrs weather not being windy or constant downpour.

    Anyone else doing the salford or manchester 100 in the next few months?

    Planning on doing something like london paris next year or even do a week through a european country route.

    Will be on a black and red cube peloton with my mate on a spec sirrus....say hello if you pass!!!! 8)
  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    I did this last year and, like davelakers, this was the ride that got me hooked on road riding too.

    sadly I am currently waiting to go for knee surgery this afternoon at 12:10 so i don't think I will be doing it this year..

    good luck to all - some of my friends are doing it so hopefully see some of you at the solaris centre finish line!![/list]
  • Mog UkMog Uk Posts: 964
    Salford 100 has been cancelled.....
  • tonyp71tonyp71 Posts: 52
    Whats the route like in terms of hills, cars, road surface etc? As you can see I'm in London so not quite sure what to expect.[/quote]

    Routes pretty good, roads clear, plenty of marshals. Watch out going through haigh hall though, if its been raining, theres a couple of downhill bends where you could come a cropper if you're going too fast!!
    Doing it myself, 2nd time. First time on road bike.
  • md2427md2427 Posts: 2
    Hi - just been talked into doing this ride tonight Fri 6pm.

    Been cycling to work( 2 or 3 times a week) for just over a year now 25miles a day.
    Not really done a distance like this in one go (most i've done about 30 miles).

    Looking forward to it but a bit nervous as i don't know what to expect!

    How much food do i need to take ? - thinking about some Frusli bars
  • a_n_ta_n_t Posts: 2,011
    looks like it should be ok weather wise for you all!
    Manchester wheelers

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    25m 53:18 20:13
    50m 1:57:12 2013
    100m Yeah right.
  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    anyone know the route so I can put it in my Garmin to find my way back tomorrow?
  • ElLawroElLawro Posts: 59
    Me cycling to manc from Chorley, then off to the seaside! Longest ride for me since being knocked off last August! Hope I manage it!!
  • davelakersdavelakers Posts: 762
    edited July 2008
    Just got back in. What a beautiful day for it!!

    60 miles Manc-Blackpool in 3.28. Chuffed with that. Back from Blackpool to Preston 20 miles so 80.24miles in total at 4.42. Good days work.

    Just a note, I didnt enjoy the route as much this year, there was a lot more main road riding, but the finish on South Shore prom was a lot better.
  • md2427md2427 Posts: 2
    Also just got back in.....was my first time and managed 3hrs 50min - i was hoping for under 4hrs - so that's a bonus.
    Fantastic weather for it - just got a bit bogged down a couple of times in a big group.

    Dave - I agree with the South Shore finish being a nice touch!

    So now i'm thinking of the Manchester 100 in Sept - need to do some serious training this time !
  • stuxmannstuxmann Posts: 31
    did it in 3.45. second time ive done the ride, enjoyed the traffic free last 500m so had a sprint finish with mates. found it a lot busier than 2 years ago and quite dangerous in places, saw one crash near Leigh with someoneone in pain, not suprised , as about 1 mile from the start some stupid marshalll watied 10 minutes before letting cyclists through, meaning the staggered start became irrelevant as we all met in one place..hundreds of us all over the road for miles. chaos..still enjoyed it bit found was weaving and winding th e whole route whereas 2 years ago had a lot more space
  • stuxmannstuxmann Posts: 31
    ps- why no haigh hall?
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Did the Manchester-Blackpool portion in 3.5 hours and the return ride took slightly longer and I had no idea where I was going!

    Total of 7.5 hours and 120 miles. Not a bad day. Off on the London-Paris ride in just over a week so wanted to get some long miles in before that.

    Did anyone else ride both ways? I didn't see many people riding back but managed to hook up with a couple of guys riding back who seemed to know where they were going.

    Probably could have gotten there faster if not for having to stop every 10 feet at traffic lights leaving Manchester!

    Cheers all!
  • Mog UkMog Uk Posts: 964
    3:05 for me.... An enjoyable ride but far to much traffic during the first half, constantly stopping and starting. it also seemed that most people lost there common road sense when they crossed the start line... some of the riding was just horrendous....
  • mcrdavemcrdave Posts: 501
    3hrs 10mins there on my own. A quick pee stop and bottle of water, avoiding the annoying commentator! I set off back and caught 2 guys also riding back and between the 3 of us, added in getting lost around wigan, we managed 3hrs 11mins back thanks to a tail wind I think.

    Great ride all in all. Probably could have got under 3hrs on the way there if I'd roped in a few people to share the pain of the constant headwind!
  • davelakersdavelakers Posts: 762
    The route from Preston to Warton, along the country lanes and through Kirkham, is my daily commute.

    I only found some help and a decent little group as we were cycling throught St Annes. A few of us grouped up and powered on sharing the work. Until some censored in an Audi A3 turned into us nearly wiping us all outn by St Annes pier!!
  • ShadowduckShadowduck Posts: 845
    Did it in 3 hours 42 minutes (orange Fat Cyclist jersey on a blue Surosa) and was pretty proud of myself - certainly wasn't up to riding back though!

    Some of the riding was pretty frightening, between the random changes of direction in the early bunch, the RLJs and the "move, cos we ain't slowing down" chain gangs later on. Good day though, think I'll be there next year!
    Even if the voices aren't real, they have some very good ideas.
  • thamacdaddythamacdaddy Posts: 590
    Staggered start didn't really work caught in so much traffic and big bunches and I don't get why people going at 10mph go three across the road. Managed 3hr50 in the end although to be fair got caught up so much in the early bit before preston that I am disappointed with the time and can't tell how much those stops made a difference to it.

    There were numerous problems with slow traffic due to them not being able to overtake slow riders filling the road, there was some issue with a red light not changing for about 10 mins near the start that got a load of us waiting until someone made the call to simply go through and there was a horrendous pile up of traffic at lights somewhere before preston where they changed for about 30 seconds at a time and there was a mass pile up of cars and cyclists.

    Was a bit concerned with the amount of ambulances etc I heard and hope no one was hurt.

    However did get to ride with some various guys who do a simular pace in stages and thumbs up for group riding its so much more fun.....apologfies to anyone who might have thought I wheel sucked them for too long but I tried my best to do turns at the front of groups I seemed to stick with for a while.
  • dino4dino4 Posts: 1
    :cry: Took me 4 hours and 37 mins pittyfull time..
    Still i am getting on a bit now, However with the volume of people doing it this year, and the amount of stopping and starting at lights, Plus the crazy people doing 10mph in packs right across the road must have slowed everyone down a bit. Well thats my excuses!
    Still could have done better if i had put in a bit more practice before hand.
    I was a bit dissapointed with the route this time, Where did Heigh Hall go ???
    Still it was a good day and the sun was shining. Lets hope everyone made lots of money for Christies. :D
  • mrchrispymrchrispy Posts: 310
    3.39 which isnt bad.
    I didnt really like the frist 2/3's of the route this year. waaaay to many lights and the roads seemed busier that the last few years. the people doing 10mph in the middle of the road (ie the white lines) were a pain in the bum but they probably didnt know there were a problem). The last 1/3rd was was ace and the finish was brilliant but that head wind was a killer.

    Manchester 100 is the next one if I cant find something else in August
  • DuncSFDuncSF Posts: 95
    Haigh Hall held Race for Life on the same day so they avoided mixing a few thousand females all in pink t-shirts and a trail of cyclists...unfortunately.
    Riding bike amongst a sea of gasping women must be quite an experience!! :P
    Tarmac Chewer
  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    Does anyone know what the sponsorship format is with the upcoming Manchester 100 miler - ie do you pay the 16 quid, and that goes to Charity - or, do you pay the 16 quid and then raise additional sponsorship on top of that ?? - not sure how it works.

    The ride itself looks like a comfortable 100 miler with about 3000 ft of climbing in total.
  • ColinJColinJ Posts: 2,218
    Mettan wrote:
    Does anyone know what the sponsorship format is with the upcoming Manchester 100 miler - ie do you pay the 16 quid, and that goes to Charity - or, do you pay the 16 quid and then raise additional sponsorship on top of that ?? - not sure how it works.

    The ride itself looks like a comfortable 100 miler with about 3000 ft of climbing in total.
    When I first did it, I thought that the money went to charity but it doesn't, it goes to Bike Events.

    They usually send you a sponsorhip form and then it is up to you to get people to sign up. I raised a £100+ 3 times but it became a real pain trying to get people to cough up the odd 50p or £1 they'd sponsored me for so I gave up after that.

    It is a very easy century ride so the fast guys get round in about 4 hrs 30 mins. The thing is - there are near enough 100 junctions to negotiate and the last 10 miles or so are built up and busy so to do that kind of time there's often a lot of red-light-jumping going on. A mate of mine saw some very near misses when he was hanging onto the back of a fast bunch on the run in, so he dropped off the back and left them to get on with it.
  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    Thanks Colin - was there a minimum amount you needed to raise when you did the event last? - do they bar you if you don't raise enough? This year it seems to be going to Christie's and Lung Cancer, so, a pretty good cause.

    Re the course - yes, it is one the easier Century's - I was considering either the Cumberland or the Cambrian Sportives and then I spotted this - my ACL knee injury couldn't take 10,000 ft of climbing, but it can take 3000ft (and 100 miles should be fairly straightforward).
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