What'is a decent time for Alp d'huez

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Anyone give me an idea of what would be a good time for cycling up Alp D'huez? Bearing in mind that I'm fast approaching 43(lost a stone and a half, now 12st 7lbs) and no longer a spring chicken? Been doing a bit of training last winter on a turbo, some weekend rides over the last couple of months and some climbing over the last few weekends. I know there's nothing around here to compare to the Alps, but I did a 30 mile ride a couple of times which included 9 miles of climbing. Do I need to step it up a bit?


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    An hour is a good time.

    Thats about the same effort as doing a 25mile TT in an hour and doing 25 mile rides, keeping intensity level throughout and finishing strong is great preparation for the Alp or other big continental climbs.

    Dont worry too much about including climbs in your rides. Key to success climbing big cols is pacing and riding at right intensity for an hour+ and getting gears right. You can train for this on the flat (ask the Dutch)

    Also dont worry about age. I did the post marmotte Alp climb yesterday and you would have been around the middle of the group in terms of age.

    PS. If you do the alp its worth knowing you an get a timing chip from an office in the car park at the bottom of the climb to get an "offical" time.

    Its also worth knowing that the route is not signposted once you get into Alpe D'Huez proper and its a good idea to recce the route first as its a pain to arrive at hairpin 1 in plenty of time only to get lost.
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    When I did it last year. I stopped the clock at the banner over the road by the little podium they have set up, had a rest and a drink in one of the cafes then headed back down. I'm now not sure that I stopped at the 'right' spot but whats the indicator further up the road that you have arrived at the top!? I managed 1hr3 minutes up to the banner btw.
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    I went up it oce on a bus, took about 20 minutes! and the skiing wa great. :lol:
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    Surely the time is (largely) irrelevant; and not letting the mountain beat you that's important?

    Even if it took you three hours, if you got to the top, I'd count that as an achievement!
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    Thanks for the advice. I think an hour will be beond me but i hope to do it in maybe 1hour 30min. I just hope its not too hot on the day!
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    I did about 1-10 riding up last Thursday to get my Marmotte signing on pack but was certainly not going "vollebak" - 1-30 for me in the Marmotte but it was a case of grinding my 34x25 round by then :? .