Leeds To Scarborough

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First off, hello!

Secondly apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

Wednesday, I'll be riding to Scarborough from Leeds with two good friends of mine. We're all fairly new to road riding, being all died in the wool MTBers.

So, here it comes:

Can someone recommend a route from Leeds to Scarborough, even better has someine got a MMO or GPX file?




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  • i think the A64 is dangerous.

    an idea would be to ride the great yorkshire bike ride route which goes from wetherby to filey?
    youd just need to cycle to wetherby first, there are many nice routes depending on where you are in leeds.
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    I live in Harrogate and have ridden to Scarborough a few times as my in-laws live in Burniston. Here's my route on Bikely

    http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Ha ... ough105084

    This is probably a bit out of your way, but I can definitely recommend the last bit, through Dalby Forest. Very nice. You might wish you had your MTBs when you see the off-road possibilities there, though :wink:
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