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new frame

beardwithabikebeardwithabike Posts: 195
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Ive got a decent set up atm but i need a larger frame. Are they just easily interchangeable? Ie if i buy a new frame will i just be able to swap it over?

Also im wanting to spend less than £100 on a new frame so any ideas? The cheaper the better...

websites or ebay links etc

Nice one


  • switchback18switchback18 Posts: 617
    If you buy a new frame, most things will swap over if you have the right tools, but the following may well be different sizes & therefore need replacing - just depends on what frame you go for:

    Front derrailleur;
    Seatpost clamp;
    Forks - but usually only if the head tube is longer on the new frame;
    Bottom bracket axle - if the new frame needs a different length;
    Stem - possibly, depending on how the new frame is designed to handle

    Jobs you'll probably want to pay a shop to do are:

    Removing & refitting the headset;
    Facing the headtube if needed;
    Facing the bottom bracket shell - depends on the type of BB you've got as to whether this needs doing;
    You'll be OK with other stuff if you've got some mechanical common sense.

    As to what frame to recommend, what kind of riding do you do?
    Also (you might already know), apart from how much clearance you've got, the main reason you'd want a bigger frame is if the reach is too short - if this is only slight you could try moving the saddle back. Soz if this is all stuff you know, but as it's in the beginners section, thought I'd say it & you can ignore whatever you already know.
  • thats actually the type of anwer i was looking for thanks :]
    I think it may be a lot easier to buy a new bike and sell what i have now then i can get it set up the way i want to
  • switchback18switchback18 Posts: 617
    Glad to be of help, good luck with the bike hunting.
    If you're selling the old one, might be an idea to check what a whole bike goes for on ebay, then what the bits might fetch separately - bit complicated, but might be worth it to get the best price - depends on the quality of the bike as well.
  • well its on ebay atm, got a fair few watchers and an informal offer so far but im hopeful. Thanks for the advice!
  • switchback18switchback18 Posts: 617
    good luck, you never quite know what will happen on e-bay!
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