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Advice please on best shoes to use for track.

quickfeetquickfeet Posts: 11
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I am looking for some advice on the best shoes to wear for sprinting on the track, I have dura ace pedals which I am going to fit with straps I am looking to buy some new shoes any suggestions?

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  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    The main prerequisite for me is a stiff sole so my choice is always shoes with a carbon sole if possible. I used to use my Specialized Pro Road until I got a pair of dedicated track shoes.

    If you are using straps, the main thing to watch for is that there isn’t a buckle or bulky fastening system on the shoe where the straps tighten down. Velcro straps or a Boa system shoe would work best but I’ve seen all types of shoes used by sprinters using straps.

    You can get track/sprint specific shoes from DMT and Vittoria which are lace-ups and therefore avoid the problems of buckles and velcro straps. I use Vittoria but going this route really depends if you want a dedicated set of shoes for track only.

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  • rustychiselrustychisel Posts: 3,444
    I think you've got the important thing covered with secure pedal system and straps - I always use Keywin. But I guess a carbon soled shoe can be good - I use Adidas Adistar Pro, but I'd love a pair of their retro lace up numbers, which look sorta 'track'.
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