Genesis flyer - ok for track riding too?

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As per the title really. The numbers look ok for the 58 compared to say the Trek T1, but does anyone have one to comment more?
I was thinking of a different h/bar to speedily remove brake etc for track sessions....


  • I understand that it is recommended that you have a BB height of at least 11 inches if you wish to ride a steeply banked velodrome such as Manchester. That is, the measurement from the ground to the underside of the BB shell (I think). This reduces the risk of pedal strike on a steeply banked track. I don't think this is a specific rule but more of a recommendation but one that makes good sense. If you are only planning to ride shallow bankings then something less than that shouldn't be a problem. Check the specs for BB height (not "BB drop" which is different).

    Other than that, I use my Fuji Track for track and road. Set up for the road, it has a front brake only. For the track I remove bar and brake (a front loading stem helps) and slap in my sprinter bars. Easy!!

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    My mate Keir has just got into track riding this summer, and he rides a stock Genesis Flyer. He mainly rides the Herne Hill track league, but recently took it to the Track Masters at Newport where he got 6th or 7th in the points race, not bad for his first time on an indoor track.