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Drum Hill Derby...

motherhuckermotherhucker Posts: 239
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Hey guys,

Last summer someone said something about there being a freeride area in Drum Hill on the outskirts of Derby, but then i broke my bike and never followed it up any further. I also heard that they got pulled down at some point but never heard whether anything had been done to rebuild it. Does anyone know what the current status is and if it is still there, what is the quality / range / size of the jumps like?

Cheers, Dan


  • FYI,

    Went to drum hill about a month ago and everything is nice and intact at the moment, although having also met the local riders, it seems one of the not so jolly old chaps living nearby has a tendancy to pull down bits of it like smashing up ladders etc. But for anyone looking to go its a pretty good place with plenty of decent drops and a set of doubles for the aspiring dirt jumper :wink:
  • ed970ed970 Posts: 1
    I go to drum hill (gemstone woods) regularly with mates. it is a good place to go, but not much for beginners
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