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Newbie a bit of advice plse

tomostomos Posts: 41
edited July 2008 in MTB buying advice
Sorry if you have heard it all before, I have trolled the forums to try and find some answers....

I am looking to buy a communting bike to cover 1/2 mile on road and 1/2 mile through a park/wood, along a river track daily, nothing harsh..

After looking through the forums I have decided on an entry level hard tail Bike
I am looking to spend only around £300

So I figure either

1. Giant Boulder or Yukon
I am not realy sure which, they both seem to get good reviews
2. Muddyfox Tornado
As above, though muddyfox seem to have quite a few bikes at the £300 kinda mark
3.Halfords Carrera Vulcan
Read both good and bad things?

So what you you guys reckon would best fill the role ?
I have read some disc,s on cheeper biker are not so hot ?..
They all seem to have "not the best" front suspension
I would love Hydraulic discs (though I am sure none of these bike come with that as standard)

All advice very welcome

Thank you


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Avoid the muddy fox - and try the others out. Whatever feels best will be best for you, not much in the spec. (Boulder great uyltra budget buy)

    You don't need hydro discs for that sort of riding, the money is better off spent elsewhere on the bike.

    Consider too a hybrid bike with larger wheels.
  • Bones!!Bones!! Posts: 83
    Personal preference would be one of the Giants. But suggest you go along to a Local Bike Shop (LBS) and try out a few different bikes and find out what suits you personally.

    and if you could stretch the budget to say £500 your options would be much improved and you might even get hydraulic discs as standard, plus this is a damned addictive past time so the higher initial outlay might save u money in the long run. :D

    There's no such thing as a stupid question, unless you already know the answer!
  • tomostomos Posts: 41
    Thank you for the advice

    I ordered a Giant Rincon today, seemed like a good bike for £270
    Between the Boulder and the Yukon
    Will let you know

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