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Seatpost questions

lochussielochussie Posts: 276
edited July 2008 in MTB buying advice
I just had a crappy landing from 4 feet and bent the Orange post on my P7. It's probably still useable but I'm thinking it'll be more likely to snap next time around, is this right? Assuming I need a new one, should I mark this down to bad luck and get any old decent post or should I buy something branded as AM or FR? I don't mind lugging a bit more weight if it means things aren't going to break.

There is a metal shim between the seat tube and post (27.2mm). Is this to get a snugger fit, or is it being used as an adapter and I could stick in a wider post without the shim?

Finally, there is a lot of rust on the outside of shim, inside the seat tube and on the top of the bottom bracket. Not sure whether it is from shim and/or frame (cro-mo). Is this normal?



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