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Need some advise

CastellodCastellod Posts: 40
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Hi all,

I will try to be brief. I have always and still have had and ridden MTBs, just over a year ago I ventured in the Hybrid not being confident enough about road bikes.
Since i have changed my mind and "life stye" I have taken the plunge and ordered a Specialized Tarmac Expert, I will use this hopefully over and above pleasure to go to work with 30 miles there and 30 miles back, I am hoping to do this in all weather and conditions, MAYBE using the mountain bike when the weather is at its worse?

What I would like is some advise on: 1. my choice of bike (did i pick a good bike, why or why not?), 2. The commute. 3. Riding in Different weather conditions, 4. Maintenance etc.

With an MTB weather is just not an issue, control of the bike is easy, but I found with the Hybrid (Sirrus) that it was very different and less forgiving, and I would not want to end up hurting myself and or bike.

Any help, tips etc would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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