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just a quick message to anyone thinking of buying something from winstanley bikes! dont bother!

i ordered an mtb bike helmet from them and they sent me a bag of washers instead :shock: so after numerous phone calls and a week or so later i finally get my helmet. :lol: came in a battered box,the helmet was all dusty and scratched to bits and to top it all off it already had return to sender on the box with the full address of the previous person they sent it too!! :evil: how do they think they can get away with sending second hand goods out i dont know???ALL IN ALL I GIVE WINSTANLEY BIKES A BIG FAT ZERO!!!



  • SteK
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    Quite surprising to hear, they looked after me really well when I ordered my bike through them, set a realistic delivery time and actually exceeded it, plus they were good at keeping me up to date with my order.

    Sucks you had a bad experience, I'd be plssed at them too, badger them for some recompense and they might be able to make it up to you?
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    I say vote with your feet for your next order!
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    Just got a Marin Muirwoods from Winstanleysbikes for £319.A great deal,next cheapest was £399.Arrived in 7days,perfectly boxed up with plenty of 'helpful' info for getting it road ready.I was in email contact and they responded in timely manner.Do as STEK says,you may get a 'voucher' or something!.
  • Always gone with Wiggle or Chain Reaction Cycles and had no problem with either so you may want to try them?