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I have bought a Kona Zing and Diadora ergo shoes with micro CL (shoes were in a sale and have funny size feet so just bought them) - Can anyone recommend some spd pedals that would be good to get started with and kind to a new road bike user getting used to them ?
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  • ksalno
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    I started riding with Shimano Dura-Ace SPD-SL pedals but never got completely comfortable with them. Since they are one-sided pedals, I found that I would have to keep looking down to get clipped in. Since most of the time I have to clip and unclip when crossing busy streets or intersections, I didn't think this was too safe.

    I recently switched over to Speedplay Zero SS pedals which are two sided pedals and I find these are much easier to clip in and clip out of.

    The salesperson at my LBS sold me the DA pedals based on their larger pedal platform but I can't really tell much difference once I am clipped in. The other advantage to the Speedplays is that they allow for adjustable movement of your heel. The DA pedals lock your heel in and have zero play once you are clipped in.